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Some Vocabulary Words For Different Kinds Of Family Members.

    • Immediate family
    • Spouse

    A husband or wife

    • Sibling

    A brother or sister sibling

    • Rivalry

    a feeling of competition between siblings (This is a possible topic not just in Listening, but also in the IELTS Speaking Interview, and possibly in IELTS Writing Task 2.)

    • Extended family
    • Aunt

    The sister of your father or mother

    • Uncle

    The brother of your father or mother

    • Cousin

    The son or daughter of your aunt or uncle

    • Niece

    The daughter of your brother or sister

    • Nephew

    The son of your brother or sister In-laws

    “In-law” is used to describe the relatives of your husband or wife — that is, the relatives of your spouse. Your spouse’s brother is your brother-in-law, your spouse’s sister is your sister-in-law, your spouse’s mother is your mother-in-law, and your spouse’s father is your father-in-law, and so on. Less common family words the family terms below are unlikely to come up in IELTS Listening tracks. Still, there is at least some chance you’ll hear this vocabulary on the exam. Study this short list of not-so-common English family words, and you’ll be ready for them if they come up on the test.

    • Step

    Just as “in-laws” are your relatives by current marriage, your “step” relatives are relatives from previous marriages. For example, if a man marries a woman who already has children, he becomes their step father, and they become his step children. And if both a husband and wife have children from their previous marriages, those children become each others’ step siblings.

    • Great grandparents (great grandmother and great grandfather)

    The parents of your grandparents

    • Great grandchildren

    The children of your grandchildren