About Us

About OxFord English Academy :

Successful and happy individuals build a successful nation. But what is it that aids success, achievements of goals and fulfillment of your mission to lead a happy and contended life? That strong foundation is none other then good Education. Because in Education lies the bigger service to the individual, to the nation and to humanity world over.
You will be exposed to motivated students, an atmosphere of intellectual simulation and teamwork. Influence via high level committees and extensive collaboration with business and government.
Our Target is to equip each and every student of Oxford Education Academy with the best spoken English and excellent bands in IELTS along with personality development and infrastructure to help them archive nothing but the best in life.
Not only do we inculcate in them the best way to develop their personality and groom their hidden talents we also teach them indispensable human qualities. Oxford English Academy has an excellent reputation and you will find a caring faculty body, excellent academic facilities and an ideal environment for study.

Meeting held with Ielts Director Examination India Sarah Deverall and Shefali Soi