Why only us ?

Students gain more than just academic qualifications while studying with us. In an increasingly competitive graduate job market, employers are seeking graduates who have successfully developed transferable skills. Our student career guidance program and our wide network of relationships with British Council and IDP help us to ensure that students develop these sought-after skills and enhance their employability

Oxford English Academy is known for its modern, spacious classrooms and state-of-the-art computer facilities. Our campus offers a comfortable and secure environment, along with highly qualified tutors dedicated to the welfare and educational needs of all our students. Students also have access to a well-equipped library of books and other materials pertinent to their studies.

Our capable and friendly team works with students to make the environment comfortable and self–disciplined. The college provides a friendly atmosphere with attention to individual needs. As well as a number of extra-curricular clubs and social activities, the teacher is always available to assist with problems, or to help organize events beyond the study course.

The Academy also arranges guest lectures, seminars, workshops and visits to provide students with a broader practical experience, and help them to become successful and well rounded management professionals.